Life is a Series of Highs and Lows, 
Wins, Losses and Opportunities    

In a world full of coaches and consultants that make claims rarely kept, my approach to helping people, teams and organizations perform to full potential may surprise you. No games, no allusions of a secret sauce only I possess, and to me a promise made is a promise kept. My promise is by working together you'll achieve sustainable change and positive results.  

The Difference is I get It, Because I've Lived It
There is Simply
No Substitute for
Life Lessons 
People-First Focus 
Discovering the Story Defining Every Client
Custom Strategies Designed to Individual Goals 

Life isn't easy. From all we can't control to our own self-inflicted mistakes that reflect our humanity, I've made plenty. I've enjoyed great success but suffered painful disappointments and battled my own demons, experienced financial failure, and the heartbreak of failed relationships. At times, feeling so low for so long, it seemed as if nothing would change.  Yet with the right help, we always have the power to fight back, start over and to make our dreams come true.

The secret is help that doesn't force-feed us answers but enables us to look within ourselves to find them. Life is a teacher like no other, but its lessons are easily obscured by the emotions of the moment. Insight from intimate understanding of where we have been is the surest path. We'll succeed with your self management and my commitment of tireless coaching support. Getting started is simply summoning the courage to take the first step.

​​With diverse interests and multiple certifications, I’ve explored Zen Buddhism, mindfulness, humanism, studied analytical psychology and more, counseling addicts in recovery, mentoring interns in business and life and personally finding and losing love but remaining ever-hopeful. I’ve built businesses that thrived and others that succumbed. Linking everything I’ve done is the people inside them that defined them. Today, supporting and empowering them is my life’s work.

My work begins with a refreshing ​​twist to storytelling. I don't set out to tell a client my story, just the opposite. Asking questions, I encourage every client to dig deep, together discovering their story. As an active and attentive listener, we identify what matters most to them, what makes them tick and what's been the obstacles to their development. Building upon that, together we'll design a strategy to deliver positive change with sustainable results. 

There is no one-size fits-all program, but exploration revealing each client's personal narrative reflecting a truly customized approach. Understanding a client's personal experiences viewed through a new lens challenges possibilities and yields deep insight. Developmental  strategies are leveraged with skills and tools to meet life's challenges with confidence. A new sense of purpose enables business opportunities to be harvested, goals to be met, and life lived on their terms.

The key to learning from the past is to seize the future!

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