Experiential Leadership Training to Renew, Refresh, and Repurpose. 
Coaching Education that Elevates and Inspires  

From leadership coaching to personalized development for executives, sales teams and organizations at all stages of maturity, to customized workshops and retreats, each engagement begins with a conversation. By discovering your story, we overcome the obstacles - empowering transition to perform at your highest potential. Then, armed with new skills and the confidence to succeed, we'll take you higher, faster, to sustain success and enjoy the life you desire.  


There are times when nothing is more beneficial - or constructive - than to breakaway from the everyday. Momentive workshops  are small, intimate and powerful team experiences to learn. Our retreats begin with an escape to peaceful, inviting locations, but are created to enable reflection with the bonding of teammates to each other and the company mission.


Momentive workshops and retreats combine tutorials and interactive demonstrations. Focusing on the four personal aspects of thinking, feeling. perception and intuition, developing personal confidence, enhancing awareness, fostering group interaction, but also self-knowledge enabling participants to integrate and practice what they learn.  Nothing pre-packaged, it's customized for you. 







Momentive’s comprehensive coaching approach includes:


Attitude analysis

  • deal with negative sleep patterns and insomnia                         

  • get in touch with personal ‘unfinished business’

  • explore habitual behaviour patterns


  • experience charismatic confidence

  • acquire authentic status

  • achieve enduring fulfilment

Thinking and feeling

  • solve personal development problems

  • Integrate rational and emotional responses

  • improve interpersonal communication levels


First impressions

  • evaluate presenting situations

  • form perceptive assessments


Intuition and creativity

  • access latent sources of intuitive knowledge

  • attain higher levels of empathy

  • develop your imagination and creative powers

These are just a few of the wide range of relevant issues that have formed the focus of recent workshops: 

Effective self-expression

  • Transforming potential crisis into new opportunity

  • Changing obsolete patterns of thought and reaction

  • Stress management: reducing tension and anxiety

Communication and relationship

  • Body-language and voice-tone interpretative skills

  • Clearing blocked interpersonal channels

  • Communication between inter-disciplinary teams

  • Acknowledgement of others; empathy, listening and facilitating

Personal development

  • Discovering the roots of personal stress syndromes

  • Working with feelings of dependency, resentment and inadequacy

  • Dealing with self-damaging and addictive behaviour patterns

  • Developing self-empowerment and inner confidence

 To discuss a custom workshop or retreat, let's get the conversation started. 

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