Coaching for Life
and Leadership
The future of leadership is an inside job, that’s why
our coaching process begins with Self-Awareness
It's an increasingly complex world with an ever-wider range of individuals with different mindsets, agendas and wildly varying cultural perspectives. To help, we provide coaching and programs tailored to client needs. Each is designed to confidently navigate challenges and achieve objectives. 
Leadership Performance
Develops organization success with shared vision and clearly defined purpose and values.
Life  &  Personal  Leadership Designed for individuals, executives  and teams featuring one-on-one and group programs.  
Workshops & Retreats
Custom   designed  for  experiential leadership  programs delivering 
 success   and   measurable  results.

At the heart of Momentive's coaching philosophy is a simple idea that sets us apart, it's more about you and less about us.        

Beyond certifications and experience, our approach is asking questions to understand  your story and identify what's been holding you back. Unique personal discovery leverages fresh perspective and empowering skills to reach your goals. You'll achieve your full potential with an all new confidence, higher performance and the reward of living and leading the life you imagined. Be the very best you can be. You can, with help from Momentive  

James Fox

Coach - Mentor

" To achieve your goals, a deep
   sense of personal awareness 
   is essential to succeed "



      James Fox     Jungian informed Coach + Mentor              


People-First Focus ...
Improving the way we work and live our lives!
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